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Detox Belly Be Gone 8-Days

Detox Belly Be Gone 8-Days



Vitamin B-6
Boosts metabolism and helps maintain good condition of the skin
Iodine (kelp)
Helps you lose weight
Helps support stabilizing blood sugar. Also helps boost metabolism
Apple Cider
Helps with supporting lowering blood pressure
Cascara Sagrada
A natural laxative
Psyllium Husk Powder
Relieves constipation and aids in weight loss
Senna Leaf
A colon cleanser and is a aid for weight loss
Powerful antioxidant, helps remove heavy metals and benefits the endurance and muscles
Promotes healthy weight loss
Weight loss management
Flaxseed Powder
High in fiber, aids in weight loss, high in omega 3-fatty acids
Aloe Vera Gel/Powder
Helps skin, constipation and immune system
Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Promotes weight loss
Licorice Root
Soothes stomach, cleanses your respiratory system
Apple Pectin
Regulates the digestive system
Treats digestive disorder
Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil or MCT
Helps maintain a healthy weight and gives more energy

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