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Belly Be Gone 8-Days Travel Pack

Belly Be Gone 8-Days Travel Pack


BELLY BE GONE – Total gut health package that includes pre-and probiotics, nutritional support for detoxification, digestive enzymes, and natural fat-burning supplements to promote healthy weight loss.  Directions:  Take one package daily.  To improve results, we recommend daily drinking half of your weight in ounces of water, walking 2 to 3 miles, and removing refined carbohydrates (including high fructose corn syrup) from your diet.

Probiotic Bacteria: Friendly bacteria that support a healthy digestive system by aiding absorption, breaking down food and defending the system against harmful bacteria.DE111™ (Bacillus subtillisBacillus coagulans- Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis – Bifidobacterium longum – Lactobacillus rhamnosus – Lactobacillus salivarius – Lactobacillus casei Bifidobacterium breve – Lactobacillus plantarum

30 Billion Organisms

Vitamin B-6 – Nutritional support for detoxification, boosts metabolism, and has positive effects on the immune system
Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Promotes weight loss, reduces stress, lowers cholesterol, increases energy, regulates blood sugar and suppresses appetite
Calcium – Strengthens bones, supports cardiac muscles, and aids alkaline PH level
Iodine (kelp) – Helps with weight loss
Chromium – Supports blood sugar, helps insulin transport glucose into cells, helpful in building muscle and burning fat
Potassium– Boosts metabolism, reduces stress
Apple Cider Vinegar (powder) – Enhances weight loss, lowers cholesterol
Spirulina – Powerful antioxidant and muscle endurance
Apple Pectin (fruit) – Regulates the digestive system, lowers glucose levels
Bromelain – May boosts overall immune system, reduce indigestion and heartburn, helps balance the acidity of the stomach

Servings per container: 8 packets
Servings Size: 1 packet contains 5 capsules
See label for Supplemental Facts

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